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"Exploring Computer Science" (ECS)
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humcompint Unit 1: Human Computer Interaction
Students will learn about the hardware that makes up a computer, how they are used and what allows these machines to function.
1. What Is A Computer? Students should have a greater understanding of what a computer is. Click here.
2. Computer Components. Students will have a greater understanding of the components or hardware that makes up a computer. Click here.
3. Dismantle & Build a Computer.

Students will understand the components or hardware that makes up a computer by dismantling and rebuilding a computer.

Click here.
4. Building A Computer For a Client. Students will understand the purpose and value of computer components based on the user's need. Click here.
5. Silicon Lite Seeing the entire process of the creation of an integrated circuit. Click here.
6. Internet, Browser & Search Engines. Understanding The Internet & Searches Click here.
7. Digital Communication.

Recognizing and explaining various forms of communications as data exchange.

Click here.
8. Communication_Privacy: Generating Data Looking at Privacy and Security Concerns Click here.
9. Telling A Story With Data Understanding how Pictures can be pieced together by the data that is collected. Click here.
10. Privacy & Security Looking at Privacy and Security Concerns Click here.
11. Following Directions Computer Code Needs To be Preciseā€¦and Coders Need to Think In These Terms. Click here.
12. Artificial Intelligence_Turing Can computers exhibit “intelligence,” or are ever likely to do so in the future. Click here.
13. Chatterbots: How Life like Computers Have Become. Determining How Lifelike Computers Have Become Click here.
14. Artificial Intelligence: Judging Computer Responses

Can Computers Outperform Humans? Jobs!

Click here.
Unit 1 Review   Click here.
Unit 1 Test   Click here.

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