Day19: Artificial Intelligence: Judging Computer Response

Purpose: Determining How Lifelike Computers Have Become

Part II
Turing Test Rule: "A program passes The Turing Test  if a person can have a conversation with both it and a person and not be able to tell which one is the computer."

Journal Entry: Try each of these chatterbots below and answer the subsequent questions in your Journal.

  1. Try to chat with Eliza 1. How realistic is she? 2.Would she pass the Turing Test?
  2. EvieBot: Does the fact that the page has an image of a human, unlike Eliza, increase the chance that you feel it is a human responding to you?
  3. Select and chat with any of the Bots from the list of chatterbots at this website: click here! 1. How realistic are they? 2.Would they pass the Turing Test? Does the fact that a face is on the link unlike Eliza, make you feel that there is a human connected to the responses?
  4. Which of the above chatterbots was the most like a real person?

The Chatterbox Challenge.

  1. Go to or Akinator Choose your language (“Think in American is recommended”). Choose one of the games from the bottom that was assigned to your group. You are supposed to think of something in that category and answer the computer’s questions by clicking them. The computer will try to guess what you chose in 20 questions or less. Play the game several times addressing each of the following:
  2. Pick an item and see how many questions are required.
  3. Choose the same item and see if you can make it require more questions
  4. Repeat this with another item.

How intelligent is this? Would this pass the Turing Test? .