Day20: Artificial Intelligence: Judging Computer Response

Purpose: Can Computers Outperform Humans? Jobs!

Journal Entry: Name 1 job you feel will be gone in the next few years, being done by a human.

Journal Entry: (Write on Board) Have Students Guess Who would Be Better at the following Tasks and Why They Think They Will Be Better?

Play: “Can a Computer Take Your Job?”
Planet Money - Radio Announcer: Robots vs Humans   (stream)
After playing the radio show, have them answer 1 – 3 above (on board).

Activity: Partner – You are owners of a Small Business.

Have Groups Share with the class.

Play: “Planet Money UPS Radio Program.”
Ask Before Playing:
“What is the sinning formula regarding Tech and Humans that UPS is now following.


Review for Unit 1 test.