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The Wizard of Oz: Wicked Witch, static character

In the story The Wizard of Oz the Wicked Witch is a static character because she does not change at all. When she first meets Dorothy, she is angry because Dorothy’s house has landed in Munchkin Land and, unfortunately, right on top of her witch sister (p. 189). All that is left of this wicked sister is her legs, sticking out from under the house.  The witch had been wearing striped stockings and red ruby shoes. The Munchkins had told Dorothy to put the shoes on and that she would have special powers if she did. When the Wicked Witch discovers this, she is extremely angry and threatens to harm Dorothy: “Give me those shoes, or there will be trouble! I’ll get you, my Pretty! And your little dog, too” (p. 196).  (Mobile) (Flash) The Good Witch Glinda comes to Dorothy’s rescue, however, and makes the Wicked Witch leave. Later in the story the Wicked Witch does all she can to stop Dorothy from reaching Oz, and to try to get those ruby slippers back. She remains evil in all her actions. She even has the flying monkeys attack Dorothy and her fellow travelers, but it does not stop their progress (p. 213).  

In the end, the Wicked Witch is still trying to destroy Dorothy, when Dorothy accidentally spills water on the witch, which causes her to melt into the ground (p. 280).  (Mobile) (Fla sh) The Wicked Witch never changed at all, which makes her a static character.