Tech Tip of the Week
Solutions to Problems Teachers District-Wide are Experiencing
1. Connecting your black HP printer to your new Lenovo. click here.
2. Stopping the "Profile Mgr. Warning" from appearing everytime you log into your Lenovo. click here.
3. Stopping your Lenovo monitor from dimming. click here.
4. Stopping your Lenovo from sleeping. click here
5. Forwarding District email to your iPhone. click here.
6. Transferring Favorites from your old P.C. to your new Lenovo. click here.
7. Your Lenovo Screen Becomes Smaller When you Plug in your Projector. Make it Full Size... click here.
8. iPads, Apple Ids & the App Store – Getting them to function! click here.
9. Connecting the Lenovo to either the Red Ladibug or Neo3 HoverCam (Document Cameras). click here
10. As you resize your window, it automatically jumps to full screen as you near any of the screen edges. Follow these steps to stop it. click here
11. Backing up your data. click here
12. The portable dvd player may not work. Solution: click here
13. Here is a tip to help you remember all your login codes. click here