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'"Pro Apps."
Course Content


This page was designed to be a support resource for the "Pro Apps" students. It covers all content presented in class, including the projects, models, step-by-step guides, self-paced video tutorials and grade sheets. The class room and computers are open to the students everyday: before school, break, lunch and after school.

Please view the course content below. All "Pro Apps." students will be introduced to basic level multimedia concepts and then quickly begin learning professional level applications. By the end of the course, each student will recreate a segment of Star Wars; this will be achieved by tapping into all the skills they have learned this semester.

Video: A Student's Explanation of How Instruction Is Provided!

Model Piece
(Training Only)
**Video Training
Mac Operating System
Mac O.S.
Useful tips that will allow you to easily use the Mac Operating System.
Not necessary.
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Students learn how to quickly organize and access their audio files.
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iTunes Training
Music Competition
Garage Band
Training & Project
Students learn how to compose their own music tracks, for their videos.

Garage Band Gradesheet

Garage Band Training
Photo & Film Quality Standards
Students learn Photo/Video quality standards by analyzing good and bad images.
Not necessary.
Photo Editing & Slideshow
Project & Training
Students take photos and then learn how to organize, edit and create a slideshow.
"Junk Movie"
(Tour of the RLS campus)
Final Cut Pro!
Students learn how to capture and edit video using Final Cut, a professional grade video editing application.

Final Cut Grade Sheet.


Live Type
Live Type
Students are taught how to use Live Type, a program that allows students to add animated text to their videos.
"Devil's Digest Video Intro. Competition"
Final Cut & Live Type
Each student creates a brief Devil's Digest Introductory video using Live Type & Final Cut. The class picks the best video to be shown each week for a year as the lead-in for 'Devils Digest'.

Sample #1
Sample #2
Sample #3
Sample #4
Sample #5
Sample #6


Refer to LiveType Training.
"Dino" Green Screen
Final Cut
Students will learn to produce and edit video utilizing a range of skills, in particular green screen.
"RLS Athletics"

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"Buy My Stuff!"
Students tap into their creative and newly acquired Photoshop skills to create an advertisement.

Model Ad

Student Examples

Refer to Photoshop-"Layers $ Selection"-Training

Compressing the Ad!.

"My Friend Barak?"
Students will create a graphic focussing on using selection, layers and a range of other Photoshop skills to make it appear that they are with a famous individual in a remote area.

Model Image

Student Examples.

Refer to Photoshop-"Layers $ Selection"-Training.