Live Type - Video Tutorial
RLS 8th Grade Pro Apps Class

Training occurs on Macs. You will need Quicktime Player to view these training videos.

These video tutorials match the skills taught in the classroom. Each segment below corresponds to the gradesheet provided to the students.
Explanation of Live Type and Present Model to be recreated. (video)

Step #1: Organize Files & Folders on the Desktop

1a.Create folders on the desktop & download files from the inclass server and place in desktop folders. (video)

Explanation of the Live Type interface. (video)
Step #2: Video length
  • 2a. Video Length: Establishing start and end points. (video)
Step #3: Inserting a Background.
  • 3a.Creating a background. (video)

Step #4: Save

4a.Save this LiveType project to the the folder you created on your desktop. (video)

Step #5: Inserting Text
  • 5.Inserting Text. (video)
Step #6: Text Timing
  • 6a.Text Timing. (video)
Step #7: Text Effects
  • 7a.Inserting Text Effects. (video)
Step #8: Placement - Wireframe
  • 8a.Moving and placing text with wireframes. (video)
Step #9: Title Safe
Step #10: Images: import, resize, timing & placement.
  • 10a.Importing the images, resizing them. (video)
  • 10b.Placement and timing. (video)
Step #11: Image Effects
  • 11a.Image effects: Fades. (video).
  • 11b.Image effects: Motion Path (video)
Step #12: Render
  • 12a.Render your project...with backgound! (video)
Step #13: Import to Movie editor (iMovie or Final Cut) and Add Music
  • 13a.Import to iMovie - Visit the iMovie Training site. (video)
  • 13b.Import to Final Cut - Visit the Final Cut Training site.(Training Site)

Step #14:Export a Quicktime video file.

  • 14a.Export a Quicktime video file to the desktop. (video)