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"Exploring Computer Science" (ECS)

Course Description:  
This is an introductory course that will allow students to develop an understanding of computers and coding.

humanCompInteraction Unit 1: Human Computer Interaction
Students will explore a variety of computer concepts by learning about the hardware that makes up a computer. Students will also learn how computers are used in a variety of fields and begin to view them as machines that need instructions to function.
  Unit 2: Problem Solving (Process)
This unit begins with an introduction to the problem solving process. Students are asked to solve new problems by planning a strategy, designing and producing solutions and then reflecting on their solutions ans strategies. The emphasis will be on the process rather than the solution.
  Unit 3: Data
Managing and interpreting large amoints of data is part of the foundation of our information society and economy. This unit has been designed to allow students the opportunity to experience the process of data collection and analysis in real-world contexts.
  Unit 4: HTML Coding
Students will learn how to hand code and build their own personal websites.
  Unit #5: Scratch Coding
This is Block Coding…connect the blocks and have fun! You will learn how to code dragging blocks. Eventually you will create your own computer game!
  Unit #6: Robots
Students will utilize their coding skills to build and program robots to compete in a variety of activities.
  Careers in Tech!
During the course and in particular over the last few months, students will get to visit a number of companies in the Tech World and will be visited by Tech speakers from a broad range of occupations. Eventually, students will begin to look at the value of their own experiences and craft their own resumes.

Questions? jharrington@sthelenaunified.org