This web site is designed to help all those students who have already created a personal ePorfolio website in one of their classes. If you have not yet created an ePortfolio website, click here. This is a step-by-step guide that will help you create your ePortfolio.




The completed project must already be in your Google Drive for it to appear in your ePorfolio.

So...if your project was created using a Google application (eg. Docs. Spreadsheet, Presentation (Slides), Drawing or YouTube (video), then your Google Drive has access to your go ahead and move onto Step #2.

If your project is an image file or a .pdf or any other file not created by a Google Application, then you need to upload your project file to your Google Drive. This brief video will show you how: (Mobile) (Flash)

Copy the URL of the project file you want people to view.
Then create a link from your class (eg. English, History, Math, Science, Art, etc.) home page to this file.

Select the Google application below that you used to create your project:
(Note:All the applications below follow the same process, copy the URL and paste it into the link that you insert on your ePortfolio web page.)
Doc (Mobile) (Flash) Spreadsheet (Mobile) (Flash) You Tube (Mobile) (Flash)
Presentation (Slides) (Mobile) (Flash) Drawing (Mobile) (Flash)  

Linking other files that were uploaded to your Google Drive:
Pictures (Mobile) (Flash) .pdf (Mobile) (Flash)

step 3


Creating a web page for your class project is simple. All you have to do is open your ePortfolio web site, go to the class in which you created the project and add a page. On this page, you can title it, give a brief description of the project and then insert the actual project on the web page. (Mobile) (Flash)

Note: These instructions are to help you present a project you have already completed. If are looking for assistance in creating a web site for a class project then click here! When you are done creating a website for your class project, you can return to this page which will show you how to link it to your ePortfolio

For those of you who want to be is a link to how to add a drop down menu link. (mobile) (Flash)


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