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Explanation of Training:

Google Docs is like Word, an online word processing program. Google Docs is very easy to learn, and although it does not have many of the tools Word offers, it will allow your students to create very nice documents.

The table below presents a three step process in order to learn the skills necessary to create a Google doc. First, you will see the Model Document which you will recreate using Google Docs. Second, you are being provided with a Gradesheet that acts as a step-by-step guide; if you follow each of the steps, you will successfully recreate the model. Finally, look at the video tutorials (below) - notice how each step exactly matches the steps called for in the gradesheet.

Image Subject Application Purpose Description Model Piece Gradesheet Online Video Tutorial
Google Doc Google Doc Training Students will learn the skills necessary to create a document using Google Docs. Model Piece
Google Docs.
Google Presentation

Online Video Training
Google Docs.