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Explanation of Hapara:

Hapara is a file management system that works with Google Drive. Any teacher that has assigned projects utilizing a Google Drive App. (Doc, Spreadsheet, Presentation or Drawing) realizes that when the students begin submitting their work, the teacher's Google Drive is overwhelmed with files. The teacher may try a series of solutions that do help, but they can't stop a student from submitting a paper and/or forgetting to sign their name or place it in the wrong folder. Hapara allows the teacher to create the document and push it to the student, thus the teacher is the owner of the document and the student has editing rights. Hapara also has a nice user interface that allows the teacher to quickly access any and all projects that the student is working on at any time - real time.
The Value of Hapara: (mobile) (Flash)


What Browser Should I Use? Google Chrome!

Opening Hapara
Login to your Google Account and open Hapara: (mobile) (Flash)

How to use Hapara.

Step #1: Creating & Pushing A Project Document To The Students

  • 1a.¬†Create a Project Document and Push: (mobile) (Flash)
  • 1b. The student's view of the project document: (mobile) (Flash)

Helpful Hints: Offering Feedback To Students

Feedback: Providing Comments to Students in Google Docs

  • Google Docs allows you to easily provide students with feedback. (mobile) (Flash)

Feedback: Hapara Email

  • Hapara allows you to immediately email any of your students via their GMail accounts. (mobile) (Flash)

Kaizena: Audio Comments To Students


  • Access the Kaizena Video Tutorials to see how you can offer students Audio Comments directly on their Google Doc assignments. (click here)