Using A "Computer" To Program Your EV3

In the previous assignment, you learned how to manually code the EV3 to work its way through a maze using all the sensors. Now, you will learn how to code your EV3 using the your Computer.

1. Install/Open "Lego Mindstorms Education EV3"

Go to your Applications folder and open the "Lego Mindstorms Education EV3" app.
If it is not there, then Google: EV3 Classroom Lego Education Download. Select the link that brings you to a page that allows you to download the "App".

2. Learning to Program
Open the App: This is  the Home Page ->
If you have used Scratch with me in the past...then I am just going to have you jump right in and begin will figure out how to program your Lego Robot quickly.

Tutorials: If you have not used Scratch with me in the past, then it is worth your while to follow these two tutorials.

  1. Select "Start" and do "3. Get Moving."
  2. Select "Unit Plans" and do all the programs in the "Robot Trainer."


3. Begin Programming. Gradesheet

  • Open the "EV3 Classroom App."
  • Connect your robot to the computer with the usb cable.
  • Turn on your robot. Notice the "Connect" icon on the computer program screen just turned from red to green.      
  • Select "New Project +".
    •  Notice on the App Screen:
      •  The Title - you should rename it. 
      •  The Download Button - sends your program to the robot.
      •  The Play Button.

Take a moment to scroll through two sections of codes being offered to you: "Motors" & "Movement." Notice all the possibilities that are being offered to you.
Note: Because of the variety of code being offered to you, it will allow you to be very creative when you program your robot. In other words, there won't be just one way for you to reach an outcome but several ways.

Now, time to begin programming your robot. Before I have you engage in any large projects, you will recreate the same programs you did Manually,  but now you will do it with your Computer. The code you will be using resembles the Scratch "Block" based coding that you used earlier this year. I will not be providing you with lines of have enough skills at this point to successfully program your robot.
"You no longer need can figure it out!"

Here is the Gradesheet you need to follow in order to receive your points as you successfully complete each program. You will be asked to show me both 1. The Program and 2. The Robot Completing the Task.

You have the option of downloading your programs via a USB cable or bluetooth to the robot. The USB cable is the quickest and easiest way to get going.
In order to run your program on the robot, just click on the play button to start and then the red square to stop. You can also download it directly to your robot and activate it from the robot.

 1. Program Motion 

  • Program your EV3 to successfully drive forward 1 second. Turn Around and Drive back to start.
    ((Mobile) (YouTube)

 2. Program the Touch Sensor 

  • Program your EV3 so that it will drive forward, but when trigger is touched, it will turn right for 2 seconds then continue to drive straight once again . (Mobile) (YouTube)

 3. Ultrasonic Sensor 

  • The EV3 moved forward and stopped when its ultrasonic sensor came within 30 cm. of the cube. (Mobile) (YouTube)

 4. Gyro Sensor 

  •  The EV3 moved forward for a few seconds and then turned 45 degrees and moved forward for another few seconds. (Mobile) (YouTube)

 5. Create Front Arm Lift

  •  The EV3’s front arm lift closed down over the cube and then dragged it backwards for a few seconds. 
    (Mobile) (YouTube)

 6. Color Sensor  

  • 6a. Color Stop: The EV3’s came to a stop when the color sensor crossed a color line.(Mobile) (YouTube)
  • 6b. Color Go: The EV3 moved for a few seconds when the blue portion of the cube was placed in front of the color sensor. (Mobile) (YouTube)

 Congratulations...You Are Done! Contact Mr. Harrington For Your Points  and Move onto Programming..."Parking Lot!"