Review: Text Wrap & Constrain Image

Purpose: Students will build and submit a webpage that has text wrapping around an image whose size is constrained.

View the Model Handout you will rebuild: Model Handout.
The Model Handout will provide you with the dimensions of the image, the dimensions of the page and explain how to format the text.

Step#1: Create a folder and name it, "Review_TextWrap."

Step#2: Create a web page and name it, "Review_TextWrap" and place it in the folder.

Step#3: Save image of this minivan to your folder: "Cars.jpg"

Step#4: Copy the Text Wrap code you wrote for "World Geography," and paste it onto this new page. Then, copy and paste the text I am providing you below to your new web page - you don't need to type anything! Edit the code to match the names of the new images and web pages. The web page that you create should look just like the one shown on the Model Handout.
Note: The link does not need to function!

Text For Page:
As the American Family explodes in size, more and more people are purchasing minivans. It once was only the car of the soccer mom, but today, it is quickly becoming the cool car to be seen in. More and more young single Americans are seen cruising the streets of cities at night in their minivans. Many cities are having problems as individuals are using their minivans in drag races and side shows. Last week, a town in Nebraska passed an ordinace outlawing Minivans. 

The Number One selling vehicle for American families.

Click to view Minivan