Model: Text Wrap & Constrain Image

Purpose: Students will build and submit a webpage that has text wrapping around an image whose size is constrained.

View the Model Handout you will rebuild: Model Handout.
The handout shows not only the website you will build containing Text Wrap, but it will provide you with the code as well.

Step#1: Notice that you are applying Text Wrapping to a web page you already created. Duplicate (copy/paste) the "World Geography & SF" website. Rename the new folder, "Model Text Wrap".

Step#2: Open the "World Geography" web page and change the code to what is provided on the Model Handout.
Make the changes- Save it - Then open it in a browser to test if it functions correctly - the web page is functioning correctly when the text and image appear on the page and the link connects you to the second blank page. If it doesn't function correctly, begin analyzing what the problem may be and make the necessary changes.

 Video Tutorial:  (Mobile)  (You Tube