Build A Website Made Up Of A Complex "File & Folder Structure."

Purpose: Students will build and submit a website based upon a more complex File & Folder structure.

View the Model Site you will rebuild: Red/Blue Model Site.

View the Model Handout - Especially the Folder/File structure of the new site!! Read the explanation of how the Code is written differently in order to move up several folder levels and then into a folder in order to link to an image or html page.

Step#1: Rebuild the File & Folder structure shown on the Model Handout.

Step#2: Copy and paste your code from either "SF & World Geography" or "Classroom & SHHS" into your "Red.html" & "Blue.html" web pages.

Step#3: Edit the code to match the names of the new images and web pages. Then, edit the code to match the new folder structure.
Remember: "../" lets you move up a folder level & "/" allows you to drop into a folder.

Here are the two images that you should save to the "Graphics" Folder: "Red.gif" & "Blue.gif"
Look at the Folder & File structure on the Review Handout to see what the name of the files should be changed to.

 Video Tutorial: (Mobile)  (You Tube)