Day 5: Dismantle & Rebuild a Computer. (50 Min)

Purpose (From Day 4): Students will understand the components or hardware that makes up a computer.

Step #3: Dismantle Computers and Find Primary Computer Parts
Give a PC to all partners. Have them dismantle. Ask them to look at the guts of the computer in front of them and if they can figure out which part is which. 

Quick Review: pull out a part and randomly ask the students the name of the part and  to explain what it does. Then ask in a chronological sequence, from turning the computer turning the computer off, which part functions when and how.
Then ask the students to put the computer back together again.

Revisit The Computer Sales Ads: Ask the student to look at the different prices. Do they see any patterns: Components, Companies, Size/Mobility, etc that may effect price?