"Computer Science Principles" (C.S.P.)

Computer Science Principles (CSP) is the 2nd level course in a two-course series that is being offered at SHHS. 
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robot Robotics
Students will design, build and program robots that will compete in local and regional robotic's tournament.
cs Computer Science
Student will work within the foundational concepts of Computer Science: The Internet, Digital Information, Intro to Programming & Algorithms and Big Data & Privacy.

Engineering / 3D Printing
Students’ will research a classic American suspension bridge, create a composite drawing, design their own bridge on a CAD program and finally build and assemble their suspension bridge using a 3D printer.


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ai Artificial Intelligence
Students will utilize their coding skills to build and program robots to compete in a variety of activities.

Careers in Tech!
Throughout the course, students will get to visit a number of companies in the Tech World and will be visited by Tech speakers from a broad range of occupations and have the opportunity to be awarded an internship with the SHUSD IT Dept.
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