Here in Kenya we have about 45 tribes meaning we all have different cultures.I am from the mijikenda tribe.

Each tribe has its own unique dance.We mijikenda's our dance is called chiringongo. We wear traditional clothes known as mahando.


The type of music which is popular in Kenya is Genge.

Art in Kenya is still at low but we try us much as possible to make it grow.Artist here are also still in the background.They haven't yet shined as beyonce,Akon,Usher the ones you know.


Nowdays women are changing from wearing dresses to wearing trousers for women.

For me my comfortable wearing is a jeans and a T shirt.

I think it is cool how they basically were the same clothes as us!


Our typical meal in our county is Ugali made from maize flour, And fish. A common drink is COCA COLA.