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Chinese art comes in many different ways such as pottery, calligraphy, painting,poetry, and music. china is known for its high quality porcelain used in sculptures and pots.


Chinese cuisine has evolved greatly over time. The meals have become richer as time passes. In 1950 an average person would eat meat of other products from animals. Now the average meals have more fats, meats, and sugar.


There are many traditional dances in china including the dragon dance or the lion dance. In these dances people carry a big dragon or lion and pretend like its moving. Dancing is a great way to celebrate in china.


Seeing how chinese dancing and how our dancing is made me think that in the U.S. we dont have as many traditions as other countries.


Music is also an important part of chinese culture. Chines music has been dated back to the very start of chinese civilization and is an important part in things like the dragon and lion dance.


Chinese dress has also changed over time. Now days most chinese people choose to dress with the latest fashion. Others decide to wear traditional chinese clothing.