Challenge #2: Parking Lot

Purpose: Students will use their computers to write a code that will navigate their robots between 4 parking slots using Color & Gyroscope sensors.

In the previous lesson, you learned the following basic programming skills: "Click here to see the Lesson."

  1. Configuring Blocks
  2. Straight Move
  3. Curved Move
  4. Tank Move
  5. Move Object
  6. Stop At Line
  7. Stop At Angle
  8. Stop At Object

You are going to apply the skills you learned in this lesson to successfully complete Challenge #2: Parking Lot. (Please take a look at the Model Video and Gradesheet.)

In order for your robot to successfully complete the "Parking Lot," you will need to learn how to add a "Loop" to your program. Below is a link to a tutorial series that will show you how to program a "Loop." Note: if you had difficulty learning how to code Motion or the Sensors in the last lesson, you will notice that this tutorial series touches on those topics as you may want to take a peek!
Programming Loops: You Tube.

When done, please email a video of your robot successfully completing the course:

Good Luck!