Create A Basic Website

Purpose: Students will build and submit a second website based on the skills they acquired while building their First Model Website.

View Review Site: Model Site &   Model Handout - Including the Folder/File structure.

Step#1: Copy and paste the Model Website you created in the last lesson and make the necessary changes to the code so that the image appears, link functions and text now appears as it looks on the Review Handout.

Here are the two images that you should save to the "Graphics" Folder: "TeachingClass" & "SaintsLogo"
Look at the Folder & File structure on the Review Handout to see what the name of the files should be changed to.

Make the changes- Save it - Then open it in a browser to test if it functions correctly - the web page is functioning correctly when the text and image appear on the page and the link connects you to the second blank page. If it doesn't function correctly, begin analyzing what the problem may be and make the necessary changes.