Review: Table, Lists and Background Image

Purpose: Using the skills they have acquired, students will build and submit a webpage that includes Tables, Lists and a Background.

View the Model Handout you will rebuild: Model Handout.

Step#1: Duplicate: "Model_TableListsBkgrndImage." Rename the new folder: "Review_TableListsBkgrndImage."

Step#2: Open this new folder and rename the web page "Model_TableListsBkgrndImage" to "Review_TableListsBkgrndImage."

Step#3: Now rebuild this new web page to look exactly like the one shown above on the "Model Handout." The background image will remain the same!
Note: you will notice that there is one minor difference that you will need to solve, the list is now in one of the tables.
If you have difficulty creating a list inside of a table, then return to the last Assignment "Model: Tables, Lists and Background Image," and replace it complete the section at the bottom titled, "Additional Changes."  Good Luck!