Model: Glamping

Purpose: Students will learn how to create graphics using the application Photoshop by recreating a Model graphic...Glamping!

Students will soon begin to build a website for a Dream Resort they own. They will need to develop the graphics for their resort website using Photoshop. They will learn how to use Photoshop by recreating an image I made for my dream resort...Glamping! View the image you will recreate: Glamping!

Step #1: I created a Step-by-Step video tutorial that will show you how to rebuild this image. More importantly, when you finish, you will have all of the skills necessary to build your own images: Photoshop Video Tutorials!
Here is your gradesheet that provides you points as you finish each of the steps in the video tutorial: Gradesheet_Photoshop


 Review: Student Resort Logo

Purpose: Students will design and create a logo for the website they will be developing for their dream resornt. They will use the skills they acquired while rebuilding the Model: Glamping.  

Soon, you will design and build a Resort Website using html. Now that you know how to use Photoshop, think about a dream resort you would like to create and now you will create a logo for your resort…mine was Glamping! Just read and follow this Grade Sheet.