Purpose: Learn How To Create Basic Web Page.

Ask: “Can you remember what is the purpose of a Browser. “
“Do you remember what I did to show you what is actually travelling through the cable or telephone lines?”
Visit any web page of your choosing and view the Source Code. (Hint: MM/View/Source.)

Access Note Pad
Show students how to access Note Pad. – This is the program you will write your code with. (Mac users use “Text Edit.”)

 Step-ByStep Guide: My First Web Page - Video Tutorial: (Mobile) (You Tube) 
Model: "My First Web Page."  

As you created your First Web Page, notice that this simple page was based upon the follow 4 tags.
The 4 Tags shown below are the basis of all web pages...it is that simple!  





Defines and HTML document.



Defines information about the document.



Defines the title of the document – seen at the top of the page.



Defines the main part of the document – what you see on the page.