Purpose: Students will apply the primary HTML coding skills they have learned in the creation of a website.

View the Gradesheet that shows the Model Web Site that you will rebuild: "Gradesheet_ModelWebSite".
Note: This website is created from skills you have been taught and used. Thus, you are expected to go back and copy & paste code from your previous sites as you rebuild this site.

Step#1: Create 3 folders: 1."HTMLTest_YourName." 2. "Documents" 3. "Graphics."

Step#2: Save these images to your "Graphics" folder: Washington & Lincoln.
Note: You are expected to constrain the image to the dimensions stated in the Gradesheet.

Step#3: Now rebuild the model website as shown in the Gradesheet above.

In order to save you time...I am providing you with the text seen on the two pages - just copy and paste!
Lincoln Text

Washington Text